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I saw your post on the the samba and someone responded about you would need a sequential tranny set up and not an H pattern like an original vw.. follow on this logic as it seems true older porsche trannies like the 915 etc. are usually stilll stick and thus keeping with the H style shifting... you would have to upgrade your tranny to an older g60 porsche tranny that is awd and auto then run the wiring harness for it etc. being a pain in the ***... if your looking into awd why don't you look at an audi tranny i don't know size and demensions but if you were to find one that would fit like out of a newer car and run the wiring you could prolly definately figure out how to run column shifters..but then again you still lookingat a tremedous amount of money , fabrication, ingeniuty and maybe about a month and a half of praying just hoping everythingworks out.. or better yet .. save yourself the trouble and go buy an audi!
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