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Originally Posted by ricola View Post
deoends which subaru engie you want to use, for a NA you could probably get away with it, with a turbo you would also have to relocate the intercooler to make space and I still haven't seen anybody get a rear mounted rad to cool properly.. You don't have to put big holes up front, look at late model corvettes fro sucking air up efficiently with minimal intake size..

I used to own a '92 LT-1 Corvette so I know what you mean. I might, and it's a VERY long shot, be pursuaded into having a front mount if I could get away with an 'under valance' scoop, without ANY holes in the bonnet or valance....
I suppose it could be a few inches wider than the valance each side?

Loads of kit cars and hi po cars use rear rads - Boxters, MR2's, Fiero's, Lambo's etc, etc so it can be done.....?

For some reason, every time I see a Mk1 Toyota MR2, I see the potential for the finned air scoop they use, to be fitted into the rear quarter panel of a Beetle - one on each side, then using similar sized ally ducting, take this air back to my triangulated 'rad box' under the rear window?

Or, fit two smaller rads directly behind the scoops in the quarter panels and exhaust the air back out through the rear inner wing or bulkhead like a Lambo?

Just ideas for people to discuss?

And yes, I was hoping to use a turbo motor. Might need to 'imagineer' a space sharing system for them both without thermal transfer screwing up the intercooler's efficiency?

I see that on your Cab, you used a G50 box. I like this idea. How much shorter or longer is a G50 compared to a Type 1 tranny, and how do the ratios (speeds at say 6k rpm?) in each gear stack up?
Also, how much further forward did you move the tranny for cam cover clearance?

Does the adaptor plate system you used have a sealed bearing? RJES has put fear into me about exposed bearings and weak mounting bolts due to thin adaptor plates, versus his bus tranny bellhousing.....?

Sorry for all the questions - I should have spread them out over a few more posts.
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