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alright chaps...

been a while but finally got a pic of my lil beast on site..
its a 1303s 74 which went through a full resto earlier in the year..
cup 3 porsche alloys flip flop two tone blue purple paint and at present a type 1 air cooled 2187cc twin card engine. However my plans are to go water cooled with a subaru impreza turbo engine in the next two months!!! da da dahh!!! yes its all happening. to accomodate this extra power i have had to sell my current engine (still available if you know anyone who might be interested) upgrade the front suspension to kerscher, fit porsche disc system and at present am leaving the stock 03s irs box in but plan to upgrade next year..
so alls good so far.. will be up for meetin a few of you chaps and shows and that once its all sorted..
by the way would like to thank ricola for all his help regarding conversion

peace out..
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