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Originally Posted by Bugged View Post
Thanks Maran, but I already have the wheels I will use and I already know the offsets of the wheel. I know I will need widened fenders, just how wide is the question.

More specifically I need to know how wide of a FLARED FENDER to get to fit my wheels. Kerscher website says I only need the 4cm wider flared fenders but IIRC my tires poked out over 2 inches. 4cm is a bit less than 2 inches.

It is nearly impossible to say yes or no, especially if you are not sure about your offset.

Be aware of the numbers on Kerscher's site!!! All others seems to be correct, but not the 4cm rear ones! The same infos are written for the 6cm as well so one of them is fail, I guess it is the 4cm one!

I'm playing with wheel-fender combo right now and found that Lanner at Vdubengineering had the right numbers on his site, saying the original fenders will accept 7" wide rims with ET38 (like in Maran's post). Based on this you have to go even wider than 4 cm, however based on the pictures 4 cm should be enough..I don't think your ET is -25, that is very extreme, even on race cars

I decided to try 4 cm rear ones, with 8x16 ET11 wheels AND porsche 944 NA brakes, that cause an extra 25mm increase per side, equals to a 8" wheels wit ET-14. That is around 5cm increase / side and I'm trying to fit 4cm fenders on it. Will mount them next week, can give you a feedback after that. (check my "sleepair build thread" in project builds)

So it is important to know what kind of brakes are you planning to use? Do you prefer inner or outer widening? I guess an outer widened fender will allow more space due to shape..that is what I'll do if inners are too small.

I know shipping is plenty to the states, so you should find somebody running with 4cm ones and try them on, otherwise you can't be sure of this.
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