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Originally Posted by JIMP View Post
Hello Brent

just now I saw your post, i think that you should try the 123ignition distributor. You can get the expensive version which is programmable, the price isn't high at all especially comperative with the msd distributor that does nothing. Fully programmable from 500 to 8000rpm's, with soft cut programmable limiter, two year warranty and cheap after the warranty to service. Actually it will go up to 9000rpm's without problem if the coil can withstand -but anyway with the setting for 8000rpm's as the software doesn't go higher-. Forgot, also version with map incorporated if someone is interested, Check their site

for further details and dealers, cheers


Good morning, presently I have been looking for a ignition system for my dual plug heads. The prices that I see is at least 1000$, just for the distributor. The 123 company sells a good looking product, but are to be contacted.

Dimitrios, do you know of a company that sell a dual distributor?
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