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go to and john has a complete kit for the T1. you should be able to use it on a T3 as well. i dont know if he has used the kit yet but you can call him or email him and he would be glad to tell you about it. i have seen a nitrous ghia with a 2165 turbo and it ran 11's not even set up right. nitrous is not like a turbo. you dont have to have the right size or anything. its more like carbs as the jetting goes then you just press the button and start to fly. just dont ever run a dry system where additional fuel is not added to got with the nitrous. they are cheap kits that would just burn up an ACVW. those are my thoughts on it. just also dont expect your engine to last long if you use it and prepare to tear it down many times to see whats wrong if you use it alot.
speed is fun. why can't cops understand lol.
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