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Vintage BBS Collection

Well it seems that these BBS wheels keep coming toward me!
After I decide to build me a new VW project I was sure it have to wear
smaller wheels than my 1303. So I began looking for a set of 16 BBS RS 5x130.
I kept looking at Ebay but they seems to be at $2,000 range. One day I found a set of 16 BBS Mahle that were at good price. I made an offer and was accepted. Here is a front one.

The I began to look for a 944 donor car. A local had one for $500. At arrival it had an unexpected surprise, a set of 16 BBS RS. I got the car for $400. Here a front wheel picture.

Then it was all my fault. While surfing Ebay a nice set of interesting wheels pop out, a mint set of 16 BBS E52. These are Rennsport magnesium centers, so a compulsive "Buy Now" get me these!!!

All are 16x7 ET23 at front and 16x8 ET11 at back.
Anyone having a set of E50, E26 or LM set for my new addiction!!!
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