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I had 16 inches (I believe they are called C4 or design 90) under my 1302. In the front 7 ET 55 and in the back 8 ET 52. (or front 52 and back 55) The front coils are thinner in diameter, all the fenders are wider and I had spacers between them of about 1 inch thick. Now I've got Cup 2's. In the front the same size but 17's and in the back 9 ET 55. With the spacers they are still very close to the bolts of the spring plate. So with 16 inch ET 70 without spacers you'll probably be hitting the bolts. And ripping up your tires. And with spacers you'll probably need wider fenders. Off course I am not a 100% sure because I haven't had 8 inch ET 70 under my car but if I were in your place I would look for rear wheels with a lower offset to make everything a little bit easier on yourself..... just my 2 cents. Oh and check my blog if you want to see what I was talking about.

Edit: Oh forgot to mention I've got a 944 adjustable rear, which off course changes things a bit. Doh. But still it's close to original sizes I guess.....

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