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hahahah... ya mine had some fires tooo! LOL. i was kinda worried cause i still have a full interior in my car...LOL! i had some water on hand just incase something went south.

UPDATE: so ive been workin on a friends car. im shaving the bumper on his 20th ann. golf gti. so i havnt had the time to really touch the super in a day or two. but by the end of the week i hope to be back on it again. i DID decide on a color tho.... Audi Nimbus Gray. i think it will look hott with smoked tails, black rims, and smoked front bumper turn signals. and ill be color matching the bumpers, headlight rings and door handels, bacially if its chrome, its gettin color matched! i want a super clean look! ive always had a thing that if its vw or audi... i only pick vw or audi paint codes... i know it matters nothing in selling it, but its just one of my nicks that i have. it doest matter if the color is a brand new color off a brand new audi/vw.. it just has to come outta the audi/vw book.
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