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well.... FINALLY an update. sorry guys its been a while, but ive been super busy with working on OTHER cars, and getting my new shop up and running. BUT i now have some progress photos. good news is, now that i have my own shop, this car will REALLY be moving along now, cause i want it painted before winter hits. its fall now, but i think a good week of saning and body work, i can manage to get it painted.

well i was sooping around on ebay one night and saw a 914 gauge cluster up for grabs, so i bought it. now ive made it fit into my dash. lots of work, but i think it will turn out really cool. im inspriation for this mod was the RSI new beetle. but i feel i did it with still keeping the german look theme! the dash is still not done yet, but plans are to get it wrapped in suade with red stiching. enjoy the pics!

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