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Originally Posted by MX67 View Post
With this turbo, You'll need all You can get.

I allways say that money spent in sports-driving school and in brakes-shop are best spent. Nurburgring is tricky, even when you change speed - 10 km/h more, and that's completely another track. More bumps, asphalt change, and different way of driving. It's most challenging track in Europe, maybe even worldwide.

Go on Wally, I'm with You on this turbo. What is Your horsepower expectation?
I hear you!
BTW The new turbo is not in it yet at all; it may even take until may 2011 probably as I am buidling a 1200 Challenge turbo T1 engine, but/because thats an entirely different 'challenge' for me
The Borg-warner flows about 200 hp more then this Garrett, but i don't expect to be able to use that potential on the current engine. It would be interesting to see where its limits are though.

Tomorrow's track-instruction-day is not only just cold, but probably mostly wet as well. To describe the Ring as 'tricky' in the wet would probably be an understatement...
Lets hope we keep things in one piece.
'75 Super.
...because race car!
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