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Early oval ground up rebuild

Hi everyone,

I thought I would start a thread documenting the build up of my fiancee's early oval window.

It's probably best to start with the salvage video :-D

We're a couple of months into the build now (which takes place on spare evenings between). Unfortunately I'm really lazy with taking photos, however will upload some progress shots as we go.

The plan is as follows:
*'54 shell (well, 1953-1955... Until I get the birth certificate from Wolfsburg we'll call it a 1954)
-Stitch welded
-Safety features: Collapsible steering column, late model latches & anti burst handles

*'54 chassis
- IRS/Balljoint conversion
- Early handbrake cable routing/adjuster (function following form, I know!)

We have some general guidelines surrounding things like drivetrain and interior, but the above list is the priority at the moment.
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