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Sorry for not updating this thread more frequently.

As mentioned above, my daily driver 1302 has been back on the road for a while now and handling the frequent abuse with ease.
My fiancée & I are also in the process of moving into a house we purchased earlier in the year. However, this means building a garage, and I’ve come to realise I suck at hammering nails :-/ Apparently due to hammering metal for too many years (using wrist/forearm/elbow, not swinging from shoulder and allowing the weight of the hammer to drive the nail)
Not much else has happened with the oval though. I’ve been consolidating the remainder of the shells, so as I could get rid of a whole heap of scrap metal. The good thing is it forced me to prepare some rear ¼ panels (as these are coming from the red shell with the severe roof damage). The ¼’s are now cut from the shell, cleaned up, primed and stored awaiting further repairs when the time comes.

The oval windscreen (inner & outer skins) are all sorted (as I made 1 good section from 2 bad donors) and fixed into the shell.
The inner rear window skin is also sorted and in place. However, I won’t be putting the outer skin on until the roof skin & rear ¼’s are done… just in-case, as access to these areas are much easier without the outer skin in place. Plus, there is still a fair bit of cleaning up to do in this area.
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