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Originally posted by Martice
Hi guys,

About the RHD 1303 dash: I can make one in the near future but I need someone to send me a stock 1303 RHD dash(any condition) so I can work on that one(I'll return it in the same condition off course).Thats in the near future.
A 1300 and 1302 (LHD) will come sooner.

Take care,

Hello Martin.

Shouldn't be a problem. I've driven for 1/2 a year with no dash, so a few more weeks is nothing.

Email me and let's talk!!!

I like your chin spoiler. I have a Kamei orginal and it's getting quite banged up. Should be getting one from you in the near future. Maybe we'll ship it together with the dash to save some shipping, ok?

And I want to ask, is yours made from fiberglass or ABS plastic? I see it's smooth on both the inside and outside. Very nicely done!

But will it crack upon impact? My '03 is quite low and I always scrape the Kamei one on the humps, but it's taking it well coz it's ABS plastic.


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