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Time for a long overdue update.

Had tons of issues to sort out but it's slowly getting there. The engine is in and running. Next I need to fit some bigger pink injectors to suit the larger turbo. Unfortunately life is in the way at the moment and work has had to stop for a couple of months. But I just thought I needed to update this thread.

[IMG]~original[/IMG] [IMG]~original[/IMG][IMG]~original[/IMG]

The coilovers seen here in the pic are from LA performance and made by AVO. If you mention the word AVO to the majority of people who have track cars they normally laugh. I wish i'd done some more research before I brought them. Parts of them rusted on the car just from airborne moisture and When the car was taken off the ramp one of them collapsed and stripped the thread on the adjustment ring. If you are running these you need to keep a serious eye on them. There are lots of reports of the poor build quality of these and brakages. I have now ordered and fitted a pair of Protech shocks. The built quality of the Protech's looks very impressive. I looked at loads of different coilovers and pound for pound they came out on top. [IMG]~original[/IMG]
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