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Originally Posted by 412STi View Post
Thanks for the info.

Ok, what means ...they are forgiving WRT lenght...?

SWA has only the normal lengths in the selection.
My shortest drive shafts (typ3 automatic, left side) are 15 5/8 inches exactly like the first selection at SWA.
But I guess I need some shorter ones.

It is about creating enough space for the length compensation.
Will try to get some space on the flanges and joints.
Let's see.
Forgiving -With Regard To- length...

Sorry to use an obscure TLA (Three Letter Acronym)

The axle does not have a 'stop' or 'shoulder' at the inside of the splined area;
They are held captive by the flanges at both ends instead.

You just need to make sure there is room at the ends each way when the axle is right at horizontal, and the flanges are closest to each other
(And that they aren't so short as to fall out at full droop of course).

This because these are often used on off-road long-travel applications,
And they need a lot of spline to adjust for the extreme travel.

There has been some discussion of the axles banging on the transmission-side flange seal, but nobody has yet reports issues, and many run these,
Seems that the wheel-side flange, with no seal, gets the beating and doesn't mind.
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