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Originally Posted by Steve C View Post
Hi Wally

Looking good. Is that an OEM oil cooler or an aftermarket one? Does it fit behind the rear apron without any modification? I'm asking because I'm yet to source an oil cooler for my sons Beetle.

Its apperently an OEM oilcooler, but its from a more obscure model (AMG?) Mercedes or so I understood. It has no part numbers, but I was looking for an upgraded one with the same M22x1,5 thread connections.
The guy in Poland had 2 or 3 of those...
It fits so snug directly behind the front apron and the spare wheel well, that I didn't even need mounting tabs or something! I just ty-wrapped it to both outer grill mesh holes

Oil feed from tank in the nose to engine is AN12. Oil suction and back to the front oil cooler and then tank is just 1/2" (13mm iirc) inner diameter oil line.
No problem like that for over 13 years now with all engines
'75 Super.
...because race car!
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