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I went that size in Toyos to get heat into them, my son with a 1904cc Type 1 motor had trouble getting them up to temp on his car and he is a much better driver than me, all the drifting practice I guess.

I've now fitted the 225 Toyos and some new 235 Toyos to some Hollow Spoke wheels, I haven't driven on the rears yet.

I would suggest for track going to as small a tyre as you can to get heat into them, if you find them wearing too quickly you could go up a size, my son works for Toyo / Nitto so I get family prices

I've run 215/40s on the front and 255/35 on the rear that looked right, Toyo ? Nitto only make a 225/40 but I found that the front tyre always looked taller that the rear which to me looks wrong, that's why I went 265/35 this time, so I suppose it is looks

I went back to street tyres as I found the R888rs a little bumpy on the street, BTW all sizes are 18s
STI powered 1303 in the works.
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