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No turbo yet, but I do have my '86 944 turbo front brakes complete.

I already had the spindles and calipers but was still looking for the hard to find and expencive '86 turbo hubs.

The spindles and hubs of a '86 944 turbo are 1 year only parts.

I instaled a bumpsteer flip kit and drilled trough the axle for the speedometer cable. The spindle does not have the hump next to the strut mounting where the cable enters a beetle or 944 NA spindle so I welded on an inch of steel pipe to fit the rubber grommet to seal and protect the speedo cable.

When I finaly found set of hubs I could also buy the 28mm thick rotors.
These are Zimmermann Sport / drilled rotors, the same as I already had on the rear wide alu trailing arms.

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