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Old December 12th 2007, 21:35
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Fitting a 5 speed into your bug

I have collected enough info for an article that I have done in PPT but its to large probably to host as a pdf.. but will post some of the high lights in this thread.

Slide 1- 5-Speed Conversion: Installing a Porsche Gearbox into your Type I IRS Chassis

Slide 3- Starting Point:
In order to install a 5 speed gearbox you must first begin by locating one.
For this conversion the following gearboxes are acceptable starting points
901 and 902 (5 Speed)
901/911 and 914 gearbox
For this guide we will discuss the 901/902/914 family of gearboxes. The 915 will follow the basic procedure

Slide 4- Distinguishing Porsche Gearboxes

This is an example of an early 911 gearbox. (used in the 911 from around 1965to 1968)
These boxes are referred to as 901 boxes.
Identification marks are located on the bottom of the gearbox
The 902 boxes are identical to the 901. It was found in early 912, and has the same internals as the 901 but different ratios

Slide 5- Distinguishing Porsche Gearboxes (Cont)

Early 901 Transmissions
Were made of Aluminum 65 to 68.
These boxes had a Push Type Clutch

Slide 6 Distinguishing Porsche Gearboxes (Cont)
(Picture from another board member)
Late 901 transmissions :
Were made of magnesium 69 to 71
1969 continued to utilize the Push Type Clutch
70 to 71 utilized a Pull Type Clutch

Slide 7 Distinguishing Porsche Gearboxes (Cont)

914 Tail Shift Transmission
Found in 914 Porsches (pre-1973 914/4 and 914/6)

Slide 8 Distinguishing Porsche Gearboxes (Cont)

914 Side Shift Transmission
Late 914 utilized the side-shift configuration.
Look at the similarities in the case to the tail shift.
Nose cone and shift rod and fork internals differ
The 914 Side Shift transmission can still be utilized for the conversion but will require additional work and components
Alex Olaverri
Sales Associate for Bug@5-Speed (US)
Tele: 973 204-5463
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