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Old July 14th 2003, 13:54
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Sharpbuilt Shroud Issue

Well, this is what happened. I bought the shroud from Mike Sharp a couple of weeks ago and when it arrived, it was the wrong one. It is a type-4 shroud with the spark plug holes in the location similar to the 1.8L heads and the 2.0L bus heads. I have a 2.0L 914 where the spark plug locations are further down the side and therefore this shroud won't work. I have been working with Mike to have it return for another, but the shipping rates back to Australia from the U.S. are very high (~$250).

One of the options that we came up with was to find a U.S. customer who is buying a shroud and ship them this one. The transaction would be entirely throught Mike Sharp, but
would be shipped from me. Then he could send me my new unit.
Naturally the shipping cost should be less, expecially if you are
somewhere in the Cali. area.

The unit that I purchased is carbon fiber with the optional ducting for the stock oil cooler location. I am going to run both the stock oil cooler and an external one for ultimate cooling. This kit includes all the peices as described on his website. It does not include the engine tin but if you want to purchase that also, Mike could ship it to me with my new unit and I can ship it to you with the rest of the shroud.

If you are interested in purchasing the shroud, contact me and Mike Sharp so that we can close on this item. I do not have the price sheet with me here at work, but I can send it to you from home if you would like, or you can just e-mail Mike Sharp about it. Purchasing this unit would be of great assistance to me and clear up this issue. I can send you pics of the unit if you would like. Like I said, it is entirely new and has only been taking out of the package to inspect and take pictures.

Thanks for your help,
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