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Old May 11th 2003, 17:30
Shad Laws Shad Laws is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2002
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Why I love the GLF...

...because the moderators of this forum have the balls to take charge of their own forums, moderate them (funny, that duty *should* be implied in the name!), and quell problems before they explode.

I am appalled at STF right now. Danimal has gone out of control. The latest thread in the Speed&Drag forum has nearly 200 replies. Guess what? STF does NOTHING about it. They just let it happen and watch the fun.

Now, Dan has dragged me into the argument. I said NOTHING about the topic (super squishes). I made ZERO posts. People made ZERO references to me or my company. And he STILL made sure to drag me in it so he could flame me for absolutely no reason, forcing me to defend myself and the zero statements I made.

Thank you GLF. Shame on you, STF.

Shad Laws
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Old May 11th 2003, 18:19
NYBugman1972's Avatar
NYBugman1972 NYBugman1972 is offline
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I am with you, Shad. I also think a big part of the GLF quality is the people that frequent this part of cyber space and not purely the moderators, and i am sure you agree with me on that one. I honestly think that GLF (and the SBO forums) is very well behaved.

that's my 2 cents.
Mike Serrone

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Old May 11th 2003, 19:03
Alex's Avatar
Alex Alex is offline
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Thanks Shad,

I really really appreciate this.
I think myself and the others try to keep things calm here as much as we can. There is absolutely NO problem with a nice heated debate/argument but it should be about the information and not about being rude or flaming others.

The STF has some good threads/posts but unfortunately most of them are ruined by stupid comments/posts.

I am very happy that you like it here and we will try our best to keep this site as clean as possible with the best information as possible too.

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Old May 11th 2003, 19:46
vujade's Avatar
vujade vujade is offline
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thanks alot Shad

We try our best to make it an informative and fun place to hang out.
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Old May 12th 2003, 00:09
Ron Roberts Ron Roberts is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2002
Location: pleasant Hill CA
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If this forum had the STFs quantity and kept its high level of quality it would be truely wonderful. But then if the STF had this forums quality it would have about 1/2 the quantity. Sometime when I get some very free time I want to go back to the above mentioned thread on the squishies and see if there are 100 out of 200 relevant posts. I threw some BS in there but at least I gave everyone the same respect I have for myself.

Yah Shad, When I saw you come up, that was just too much! I thought, "Man he's really bumped his head this time".

Best wishes

Last edited by Ron Roberts; May 12th 2003 at 00:14.
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Old May 12th 2003, 21:10
lightning bug's Avatar
lightning bug lightning bug is offline
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Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
Posts: 462
STF.... I use it for the classifieds only. Haven't been to the tech forums in months and probably won't visit again.
'74 Super

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Old May 17th 2003, 11:35
Iworkatwendys Iworkatwendys is offline
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I'm starting to agree with you guys. I used to always post on the STF but lately you only get stupid replies or something along the lines of "search the archives" Not many people over there are really helpful anymore. I do however like reading the posts by Moorepartsource, his posts are the only reason I only check out some of the forums. Lately though I've been avoiding the STF because of it's highly unmoderated BS. The Germanlook forum is much better because it's a rather narrow group of people(as in germanlook enthusiast instead of all things VW) and most of the people here are open minded. I've yet to be shot down for any idea and people have provided me with nothing but new ideas and enthusiasm. Thank you guys. With such cooperation and participation from everyone we're sure to pump out some high quality GL's and show everyone that cooperation is the key in any group! Okay I'm going to get going now, thanks for letting my go on and on about nothing. Later,

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Old May 17th 2003, 18:27
Posts: n/a
I moderate the Eurolook and Engine Conversion forums over at STF so you won't see that type of nonsense in those at least...

same goes for what I do here and on my SuperBeetles Only! forums as well.
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Old May 19th 2003, 17:02
kdanie kdanie is offline
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Location: Petaluma CA
Posts: 358
I have to agree.....

I have been visiting the STF for the past couple of years, the type 4um is responsable for me doing the type 4 for my bug and the euro look forum for the 901 trans and 944 brakes.

I agree that the content quality has gone down hill in the last year. I still visit but rarely post and stopped visiting the speed/drag forum about 5 months ago and have not been back (funny, I don't miss it either!).

Sometimes I get disapointed when I visit here on the GL forums, it seems that we go through "dry spells" occasionally when not much really interesting gets posted. I get over it though and truely appreciate the quality of posts and the helpfullness of the members. I just have a need for new information, I guess I'm an addict....I can live with that!

I haven't seen the thread in question but I've seen enough like it before by the same person. It's a damn shame that Shad got drug into it.

Shad, I'm glad you hang out here. We value your input and innovations. I just wish I could afford your parts, maybe in a few years when I get my last daughter out of the house..... Teenagers, can't live with 'em, can't kill 'em!

I had a slow afternoon at work so, out of curiosity, I checked out the post mentioned, MY HEAD HURTS!! I'm done with the speed/drag.... See ya around the GLF!

Last edited by kdanie; May 19th 2003 at 18:48.
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Old May 20th 2003, 09:41
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oasis oasis is offline
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A co-worker once asked me why do I have four VWs. My answer was, "Because I can't afford ten."

I belong to a few distribution lists, and visit different forums. This is the one I look forward to seeing the most. Now, it is true my next two projects are buying/building a GLer and modifying a current car which would put those forums ahead others. Nevertheless, there are still several which deal with those front-burner projects -- and this is still Number One.

Everyone from everywhere seems to have one thing in common ... okay two things besides the obvious ... everyone has class. I can come here being one of the low men/women on the totem pole in knowledge and still not feel intimidated.

Thank you, all.

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