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Old November 29th 2010, 05:33
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Possible Project (from scratch)

As some of you may know, I am looking to replace the í71 1302 I used to have. In the past, I had a vision in mind. When I bought the í71, that vision evolved to a point that it ended up being quite different than the original plan. That possibility could exist again because my search has been a contradiction of wanting the best car I can get up front but not wanting to pay a premium for ďbonus featuresĒ I will eventually do without.

A new possibility has come into play. I havenít seen the car in person yet but there is one available on the Internet thatís about 450 miles away. What makes it so different is that it is basically a rolling chassis. Oh, the ad has the usual nonsense about how it ran great before it was put to the side several years ago and the engine turns over and blah blah blah, but basically, Iím not counting on the engine or transaxle being anything more than dead weight. It may be close to being priced accordingly.

The two considerations in play where I would like as much advice as possible are:

(1) The advantages and disadvantages I havenít considered.

(2) The order in which I should do improvements, plus anything I may have forgotten.

Assuming the car is a worthy candidate (which may require a separate thread), I see the advantages being:

(1) I can stay true to my original plan.

(2) Doing the car in segments allows a better attention to detail.

(3) I will learn more about the car itself.

(4) I will have the car sooner (as in finally).

I see the disadvantages being:

(1) The overall cost will probably be higher since restoration is necessary and has its cost which is generally higher than a car not in need restoration in the first place.

(2) The car will need to be towed until it becomes more than just a roller.

(3) I am undertaking an awful lot of unknowns.

(4) There is always the chance the project doesnít get completed as things can change, and I donít want to be a my-loss-is-your-gain type of guy down the road. (At least my Super gave me nearly four years of fun before it became my loss.)

I know I will never achieve the expertise of many of you. I would like to possess a genuine basic working knowledge of a car. However, a lot of the work will probably be farmed out Ė especially at first

If I had a garage of my own, this would be an absolute no-brainer. And buying a new house is planned, but selling our house or my dadís house first is a must. (We can look after him more easily if we are under the same roof. A functioning garage is a requirement for our next house as well.)

I could park the car on my dadís driveway. I could work on it when the weather is nice (little of that from now until March, though).

Again assuming the car is a decent platform (no structural rust, no loss of structural integrity due to a past accident), I am thinking my plan of attack should be:

(1) Rust. The pans will need restoration or replacing. There may be some rust in the body panels. When everything is addressed, take appropriate rust-proofing measures.

(2) Paint. It would seem to me since the drivetrain is at best questionable, the car will be closest to being stripped down and prepped for painting now rather than later. This will include new body parts (if any). It may include the dismantling of the sunroof (operation unknown). Since it is a 1303, I would probably want to get the dash that accepts 911 gauges I have seen here and elsewhere as that will need painting, too.

(3) Reassembly. The glass would have to go back in as well as new rubber and seals. And the sunroof. And the electrical stuff.

At this point, Iím sure it would still be a roller. The first three components above are where I would have the most unknowns. Iím guessing the rest of the list will mimic what I had done to some degree with my 1302.

(4) Suspension and brakes. Iím sure what it has isnít worth much.

(5) Wheels and tires. What it has is good enough to be a roller. This may be a part of #4 since the bolt pattern is likely to change. In a pinch, I could use adapters on a short-term basis.

(6) Engine and transaxle. Who knows? Maybe whatís there can be salvaged to make the car a runner for the short term. If so, this could be pre-#1. Eventually, this will need to be addressed anyway. I will also want a fire suppression system of some sort so Iím not shooting a fire extinguisher through the vents like an idiot again.

(7) Interior. The seats look pretty decent. So do the door panels. They will eventually need to go, though. I guess I am including electrical stuff, gauges, creature comforts (if any), roll bar, steering wheel, ejector seat Ö well, maybe not an ejector seat.

(8) Et cetera. This is my final catch-all category. Some of this depends whether I fancy the final result as an imitation Rally car (full frontal assault with Hella lights) or an imitation Kšfer cup car (front spoiler for aerodynamics on paved surfaces). Or a hybrid of both with the attachment or detachment of these items depending on mood. (That would go for wheel and tire selection as well.) Anyway, these are details, and most assuredly this would have to be the last step no matter what.

So Ö am I close? Am I daft? Have I forgotten something?

Thanks in advance, and sorry for such a long post.
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Searching for a new project ...
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Old April 11th 2011, 21:04
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i have a 1971 1302 ill take 250 for it no motor it was a project i started but im moving so it needs a new home
it has been tinkered with a bit but its all there email me
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Old April 14th 2011, 12:28
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I'm afraid my life has taken some turns that buying a project isn't for me until we actually move. I need something complete even if I have to do some personal rearranging to it as I enjoy it. Too bad, too, because at least your candidate is on the right side of the Mississippi and Atlantic to make it somewhat easier to get to in order to check it out. $250 ... hard to go wrong with that. Maybe you should do an official post in the classified section.
(2004-2008): 1971 1302 w/2056
Searching for a new project ...
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