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Old September 9th 2006, 10:15
Seagull Seagull is offline
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Gday from down under ( new member )

Gday all I am Seagull from Perth australia just thought I would say I be for I move in to some of the areas here .

My projects

I am building a 1960 bettle with a WRX 2ltr motor I am a machinest buy trade so I have made many parts my self

let the fun start now

cheers seagull Neil
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Old September 9th 2006, 11:09
chug_A_bug's Avatar
chug_A_bug chug_A_bug is offline
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Location: Canada, Ontario, Stoney Creek
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hey hey well hello and welcome to GL have funn
74 Std. GL
02 Ford Ranger 4L 2wd
08 Vw rabbit
18 WR250R
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Old September 9th 2006, 13:57
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ricola ricola is offline
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Nice to see you over here
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Old September 10th 2006, 20:33
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Welcome. Sounds like you found the right place.:agree:
72 1302 Smack Black GL
73 Bus (2L CIS Powered)
66 Beetle, 73 Standard Beetle
72 Pinzgauer 710M
Volksport Kafer Gruppe
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Old September 11th 2006, 03:07
zeroaxe zeroaxe is offline
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Talk about machinist/making parts... I have found this one place real close to my house..., they have some NIIIIIIIIICCCEEEE CNC machines inhouse! I have asked if they do some work for public(All I noticed on the floor was like massive gears 'n stuff for who knows what!) and he said:"Oui! Ce qui vous veulent ???" (Yes, what do you want?). Well, at the time I just asked if he can fly cut heads/cases, to which he replied:"Non", but he gave me a name/address of someone which might be able to help.

Anyway, to the point. I am sure that if I go with some design/dimensions, he can make it. Problem will be the cost. I didnt bother to ask(yet). I have noticed that someone there rides a Honda Hornet motorcycle(Honda 929 in the US I think?), and I ride a Kawasaki Z1000 '03. Soooo... how do I just 'accidently bump into him'(not literally of course! ) and make a new buddy???

PS. Welcome!
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