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Old November 1st 2004, 15:28
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Originally Posted by Superman
There were lots of Volkswagen (Kdf-wagen) cars made during the war...
Of course, there were. I meant no cars were ever made for civilians, even though many bought into a purchase plan. Sorry for being unclear on this point.

To me, there wouldn't have been a Volkswagen if it weren't for Ivan Hirst given the way history actually unfolded. Since Ferdinand Porsche had working designs prior to the Hitler connection, it is at least possible a Beetle-like car may have developed into production if Porsche could have found financing.

Predicting alternate history aside, I think Hirst had more to do with the current existence of Volkswagen, the company, than Hitler. Furthermore, regardless of everyone's varied but valid opinions here, I think we should at least agree that Volkswagen, the company, is right on distancing itself from its Nazi heritage. I am empathetic since I, too, have a Nazi heritage in my genealogical past I detest.
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Old April 15th 2005, 17:59
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Our club was approved by VW :agree:
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Old April 16th 2005, 20:43
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What the F**K is going on?!?!

Does this mean that I will get sued for my avatar? I mean...It could be miscontrued as comparing VWoA to hairy primates that play with their own fecal matter. Is that so wrong?
I have read every post intently and frankly we are just kicking the horse for the sheer pleasure of it. Just let it die. I beleive that this "problem" if there is one is something that should be seriouslly addressed, but there seems no good solution for it save for the conscience of manufacturer. Frankly, if it every came down to having the law put any restrictions on my vehicle beyond what the Dept. of Moter Vehicles enforces I would likely see it as an infringement of my personal freedom and sue them right back. I grew up in California where suing the pants off a huge corporation for a million bucks over an "overly hot french-fry which burned my tounge" is common place, but I now live in Texas where law-suit abuse is looked at with very serious consequences so I'd have to think twice before I'd take on VW...Id do it anyway, but I'd think twice.

So until then They can s**k my d**k and shove a F**king Logo up their tight corporate A**es. I don't live under a fascist regime I just play one on TV!
And YEs...I own a 1.8 Turbo Jetta as well/ Nice car. I wish the company was a bit more friendly. Oddly enough, one of the local dealerships said they'd repair my old 1303 any time I wanted them to. Werid huh?
They'd charge me my first born child to do it, but the fact that they would shocked they can't be all bad.
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