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Old October 12th 2004, 17:08
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i know of plans going on for an upcoming one (and no, i am not the more extra time left). not sure of full format and such yet, but i know a GL guy with some influence (and this time, i am the one ) on the president of the mag.

i agree there are many cars out there worthy and just don't get the chance. it is not like the photographers just comb the country though. it is mostly who you know and convenience of being at the same place at the same time. at least for us east coast guys. west coast is a whole nother story.
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Old October 13th 2004, 08:59
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I'd like to see a mag where they also show the average joe's Car.
Not just the top-dollar showcars, but decent cars with the ghetto mods that most of us can afford.

I'm not saying that there should be *no* coverage of the showcars, but it should be mixed.

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