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Old March 7th 2005, 19:19
tommi_nylund tommi_nylund is offline
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some new h2o stuff test-fitted...

just testing some new parts.... Finnish law says that I must get it inspected with fully original engine, so original carburator and that stuff are going to be bolted on instead of those on pics..... But when I get it passed then I´ll built it to be what I really want.... Engine will be turned clockwise also so it will sit straight, not tilted like on pic. Now it´s in same postition as it is on Golf and that stuff, but eg exhaust doesn´t fit at that angle of engine... Some nice tricks are stay tuned if you ain´t fraid of water..

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Old March 8th 2005, 02:44
BuG60 BuG60 is offline
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cool, i'm putting a g60 into my car, ban whata biatch.... would love to trade fitment stories with ya....

Also, I think that the engine was designed to run on that angle, not sure but i'd look into that, you may have to modify the oil pan, since the "flat" surface of the oil pan is where it should be when the engine is positioned as it is right now. Was thinkging the same thing when I put my 8v in, but the alt, charger, and pulley system in the g60 evens out the look alot more, so it will be ok.

Heres a pic:

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Old March 8th 2005, 09:38
tommi_nylund tommi_nylund is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2003
Location: finland
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I would supergharge my engine SURELY (with turbo or g/roots tms) but Finnish law would not allow I must have atmo-engine if I want to run golf-related engine on my beetle. Also 16v and 20v conversion is VERYVERY hard to get passed, but not impossible...

My fitment was strictly bolt-on. No problems whit that. With engine tilted as original golf etc I must open my engine lid some inches but when I turn engine straight I think the cam pulley will come under the licenseplatelight so I get it almos hided that way (need to make hole under that). All engine-box fitment parts are self-made.

Biggest problem would be throttlebodies and injectors fitted.... I think cylinder nr1 throttlebody will need a cutout to lid because I want it to be closed, not any 'cool****airkits' respected here.....

Oilpan is not a problem! I will make alloy pan...maybe I´ll use dry-sump oilsystem so it gives really much ground-clearance also!

I also have designed strengthening plate to reinforce the mainbearing it will be placed between block and oilpan....I may attach some photos latery if interested.

I looked some pics from gallery of your car......very nice packet is coming from there! I presume you are using a 930-wing to cover that G-gharger stuff and that......right? How much estimated horsepower is planned? What about transmission etc?
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Old March 8th 2005, 23:55
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Looks great guys! Can't wait to see how these work out.

If I could just get paid for my sleepless nights....
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