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Old March 21st 2013, 08:06
70Turbobug 70Turbobug is offline
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From what I know about Remmele and his business and what I have experienced some customers would order parts,send emails almost everyday,call constantly wanting the parts asap,then when the parts are ready the customer doesn't have the money or tries to get a rebate.Then they slam him over the internet.The good thing is,90% of his customers do business with him in person,have money and are not in the internet community.Most of them are either racers or sports car enthusiasts and rarely younger than 30.Some cases went sour maybe due to lack of communication.He now has a few employees more working for him and his online shop is coming soon.I am sure that will make things much easier and better for him and future customers.Like Pete said,if you know him and can do business in person it's completely different.He has helped me tremendously with my project and has been very generous to me.
I know other vw suppliers and engine builders very well also and the stories are all the same,which makes me glad that I never set a business up. Yes he has made mistakes and should have dealt with some things differently, but there is always 2 sides of a story..
He does polarize you can say,but the quality of his engines and parts is top notch.If you want cheap then he is the wrong guy.
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Old March 23rd 2013, 23:06
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^^^^ agreed.

So how was your visit? Pics?

When I was there, he show and tell'd a bunch of his goodies.
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Old March 23rd 2013, 23:30
SilverBullet SilverBullet is offline
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I met Eddie afew times and rode in his 3 l blue bug, awesome. I met Betty too, they seem to be nice people, He was showing me his new heads then. I had no problems with him when ordered cf bonnet, and his big exhaust for t4. So I recommended my friend to him, ordered and paid for this ap brake set and some other stuff, time n time went by, no news, so I went to his shop again, said all stuff ready to ship, but said had to find time. So I saw the parts to ship, not boxed yet though, so ok, great news, again time flew by, till now.
So its not that we want to slam others, I dont think its good. But some times you have to look on both sides to judge.
Its unfortunate that this have to happen, I told my friend that he is not "that kind". Till now!
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Old March 24th 2013, 05:48
70Turbobug 70Turbobug is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2009
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Maybe you should try and contact him again? I didn't take any bling bling pics this time.I was there to have some machine work done on my cylinders.His personal car was covered up.The car that most are familiar with, the grey bug he just sold a couple of months ago.Now he is building another one that is another level extremer. The best pics are on his facebook site. I have a problem posting pics even though they are reduced to the right size.

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Old April 6th 2013, 14:17
erusmenac erusmenac is offline
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Originally Posted by 70Turbobug View Post
Another dealer won´t happen,that I am sure of. There are different grades of carbonfiber.If you order a component in carbon just to save weight and plan to paint it,then the weave doesn´t have to be perfect.The epoxy used is what gives the carbonfiber its stability.The reason I´m saying this is,if the part is only supposed to be light and the fibers won´t be seen,then it takes much less time to fabricate and a different,not so compact weave can be used that is easier and cheaper to get.For the "high quality" carbon you pay more and there are only 2 or 3 manufacturers in the world that produce aviation grade carbon fiber and it´s not always readily available.
Try me, we are producing carbon fiber parts for beetle with the AeroSpace certifacted carbon fiber material.
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Old June 11th 2013, 15:48
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Erusmenac the problem I have is that I have seen your postings on several forums for almost a year and have yet to see a finished fender or any other CF parts so far. When will you post Kaefer Cup fender pictures or central air filter pictures or hood pictures? Not trying to kick you, just a lot of talk and no pictures...
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