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Old October 21st 2011, 08:12
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Help Needed!!!long post unfortunately

Hi to all, i know its been a while since my last post...
So, here is my problem
1973 1303 super 3 bolt front suspension
when i first got my beetle 9 years ago, my mechanic at the time put kyb shocks and eibach springs and the front dropped 3-4cm. all worked like a charm, it was a bit hard going over bumps but sounded solid and it was. i was able to go no hand on the wheel accelerating, braking to any speed.
2 years ago i ended up with a broken right shock and changed to a pair of cofap cheap ones (stock) due to budget restraints.
a few months after drove over a ^&%^*% huge pot hole that i couldn't see but the last minute and broke the right front shock again.
Since then I drove the beetle for 200 kms roughly while building a new engine (teh one i had was dying fast).
In order to go back to my original setup I bought again a pair of kyb shocks and eibach springs (same as in the beggining/same part nos) and installed them.
while driving just around the block while going to have the wheels aligned and everything checked i had to drive over some road irregularities at low speed (about 10-15km/h) and the front right corner made the same irritating and fatiguing sound... the sound of a shot shock absorber bottoming hard and it does bottom out. the same sound is produced with or without a passenger only on the right side.Left side sounds solid with me driving (90kg)
the alignment shop tested and checked geometry and everything is ok.
got back to the shop and checked again the balljoint and they are ok same as the top mounts. also control arm bushings and sway bar bushings are ok.

Am I soooooooo unfortunate that one shock was defective and by coincidence put it on the right side or can it bee something else???
How can the unladen side bottom out while the loaded will not? my guess is a defective I right??
here are the part nos
kyb shocks 363012 (Excel-G)
eibach springs sorry need to check on car/they are the same as before

PS: i worked the shocks before installing them and their resistance felt the same

again sorry for the long post

Aircooled 4ever

1973 1303 going towards GL

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