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Old January 29th 2003, 23:28
Bill-S Bill-S is offline
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1987 Porsche 944 supension parts F.S.

Convert your bug to Porsche suspension and brakes ! I have suspension parts from a 1987 Porsche 944 for sale. It consists of the complete rear torsion assembly unbolted from the car. This consists of the rear housing, spring plates, torsion bars and covers, emergency cables, aluminum trailing arms, brake assemblies, axles, CV's, etc. It is still intact and not taken apart. Also included are the complete front strut assemblies with the spindles and complete brake assemblies still attached. Includes a 944 Porsche spare tire/wheel combo too. The stuff came from a car that had the engine/trans removed and sat outside for about 6 months. The brake rotors have light rust but still have plenty of thickness left. Includes most lug nuts too. The car was not wrecked. Decided not to go the autocross route so the stuff needs to go ASAP. Part numbers cast on the right aluminum trailing arm are: 951.331.514.0 SSW 951.331.514.4R. Part numbers cast on the left aluminum trailing arm are: 951.331.513.0 0055-2/87 951.331.513.4R. Parts are in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Must come and get it. E-mail me directly to for pictures and any other info needed. $250 gets all of it.
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Old January 30th 2003, 10:56
oval55 oval55 is offline
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Hey guys these are non turbo, great deal for someone to upgrade, even comes with the spare tire. Darren
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Old February 6th 2003, 16:44
GL Sport GL Sport is offline
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Hey pittsburg,
send me some pics and detail what you have calipers etc

Do you have a sway bar to go w/that rear end?

Has everything been disconnected or will I have to remove it?

I live about 4 hours away and would consider this price and condition pending.

Do you have any wheels? Biggest concern is this a 4-130 lug pattern? or the 5 lug porsche?

Thanks a million Kenn
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