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Old January 30th 2004, 16:14
kenfyoozed kenfyoozed is offline
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vw atv?

ok, dont laugh. but doea anyone remember a vw powered atv , 4 wheeler, in an issue of hot vws? it was like the late 80's or so. my brother some how trashed all my magazines.

im thinking of building a steet legal atv, 2 wheels in the front and 1 in the rear, . i think a vw engine can mate to a bmw motorcycle tranny. does anyone know anything about this? any help?

and if there is anyway i an get the gl in there i will, seeing how all atvs are street legal in europe.

any ideas?

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Old January 30th 2004, 20:40
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I was going to build a 1000cc motorcycle engine powered go-cart.

Wanted to make the wheelbase long enough to get a title made for it as a sand rail. Then I decided that 14 + broken bones was enough and scraped the idea. I didn't need to be going 140mph 4" off the ground.
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