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Old September 20th 2005, 19:09
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20hrs later I am a daddy..

Figured I'd share with the extended family..

We went in for a routine visit at her doctor, when all hell broke loose, and some complications occurred.. Next thing you know we are speeding to the hospitol, getting into scubs and running to the OR.. Thank God baby recovered and we didn't have to operate immediately..

Over the night they tried to induce but that brough on other complications.. and issues..
Finally, this morning she started to dilate, about 5cm.. and I thought all things were going well.. but Murphy wouldn't let us have it our way.. and the baby started to act up.. (to put it mildly).. Next thing I know.. its put scrubs on, and we are heading to the OR...

With all this trama.. I must thank God, that everything did end up well.. I am a daddy, of a 7 lbs, 12 oz, 19 inch little moster who came out bitting the doctor.. (that is fighter )

My wife is stable and doing well know in recovery.. the baby is fine.. and I am exhausted.. Went home to shower, clean up and heading back for moral support..

If you have ever under estimated or doubted, the caring, knowledge, and concern of our medical community.. I tell you they have earned my upmost respect..

Picks to come.. I will post tomorrow.. I spied a community machine so I can catch up on the SB stuff when the wife is sleeping

To those that are parents, I now understand.. these little buggers, are so precious, beautiful.. that words can't explain..

Probably won't be saying that when the baby comes home finally, but either way I have added a new bundle of joy, and luv to my family.. God's greatest gift to me and my wife.. as well as a new VW fan..
Take care, I am heading to the shower..
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