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Old February 19th 2008, 10:49
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Good bye for now

Hi Guys,

It is with a heavy heart I must inform everyone my Super Beetle had an electrical fire on Sunday and will probably be totaled. I will know more in the next 48 hours where my insurance company stands.

The brief story goes as follows. I had been driving my Super more than usual this winter as my daughter started driving. She used the water-pumper I typically would use going to the train station for my commute and such. The Super was running flawlessly and was getting near the point where it was due for its regular oil change.

We finally were able to locate a car for her own about four weeks ago. The Super was shut down at first just to give it a rest. Then, cold weather and salted roads conspired against its use.

I finally was able to drive it on a very mild day but it refused to turn over. I gave the battery a trickle charge and while it seemed normal at the first turn of the key, it would still not turn over.

I decided to jump start it on Sunday to drop it off at the shop to see if it was the starter or something else. I was also going to have oil change since it was within 500 miles of being due anyway.

The Super started after a little downhill coaxing. It didn’t seem exactly like its old self but there where no indicators something tragic was about to happen. I wasn’t in a particular hurry with my father-in-law following so I just casually drove in the slow lane towards the shop.

Half way there, I noticed a little smoke coming through air vents at the windshield. I immediately rolled the window partially down for the smoke to exit and looked into my rear view mirror.

That is when I saw the flames.

According to my father-in-law later, that was when he first saw the flames as well.
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