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Old April 23rd 2004, 14:16
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MIA Update

Sorry for being MIA for so long, it was honestly not intentional, just no time.

I think everyone here knows that I am starting a high end interior painting company and have been doing that for about 8 months now. Also on top of that most of the work has been in Northern Virginia so I have been away from home. That being said we are going to move up to Northern Virginia in mid-July to a towm called Haymarket (just off I-66). Working about 12 hours a day leaves little time to go on-line either.

To compound the time issue my family has a ranch in West Virginia (Just over the VA border) that is taking up my weekends... Because someone has to make the fence!

Granted I am home this week and have been tinkering a little bit with the bus. I am still fiddling with the rear spring plates to get the right ride height dialed in, too low. Maybe this afternoon I will be a little farther along or just give up and drop the front 2.5"!

Once I am a little more settled down I will pick up my quest for an early Beetle GL custom racer. Kind of kicking around the RX-7 motor idea though just to have a revver for over the mountains between I-81 to US 33 (Harrisonburg VA) and Franklin WV. Very fun mountain roads! Granted the elevation changes produce annoying ear pops Bring a pack of gum.

Take Care and GLF,
Adrian Pillow
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VolkSport Kafer Gruppe
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Old April 24th 2004, 01:05
Supa Ninja Supa Ninja is offline
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Welcome back Adrian!
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Old April 24th 2004, 16:59
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hey dude. if you want to lighten your moving load by selling that bus, let me know. i am in the market.
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Old April 24th 2004, 19:02
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good to see you Pillow
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Old April 24th 2004, 23:48
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The ghost rider returns.
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Volksport Kafer Gruppe
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Old April 25th 2004, 09:05
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Glad you stopped by! Been tough trying to convert all these car guys to consider buses... but I think I'm making headway!
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