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Old June 7th 2006, 21:43
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Angry Fender damage.

Well guys a couple of nights ago it happened. I was driving my 1302 to meet my girlfriend at the coffee shop and then......
I was making a slight turn to the left when I hit an uneven (understatement) portion of the road. Yeah my local tax dollors do NOTHING for the highways. Anyway, the tread on my left front tire caught the inner fender lip and bent it out, damaging the fender and breaking the paint. Oh yeah, my tire is now a little lighter as well. If only I could get that close a shave with my razor! Long and short of it is that my math wasn't as good as I thought it was while setting up the rims, tires and ride height. So I guess I'm off to purchase new wider fenders for the car. I'd like to pick your collective brains for a moment and get your opinions on a few things.
First of all what is up with 1 and a quarter inch wider rear fenders?
Why doesn't anyone make any fronts that are 1 1/4?
I really only need an inch for clearance but the only front fenders I can find are 2".
Also I don't want the front of the car to look akward with massive space between the headlights.
OK! Rant over!

So I've decided to go with 2" all around. I'm also going to get new running boards. And I find my self on the fence on these. Do I:
a. go with the fibreglass boards that most folks offer with that funny angular indention about a foot back from the front fenders? (makes me want to get a set of magnesium slots, paint the car green and gold with extra heavy metal flake and don my polyester disco outfit)?
b. replace the factory boards (no trim)?
c. get those knarly smooth boards with the vents cut in them (paint the car teal and pink, grow back my mullet and blast Def Leopard)?
d. get a set of carbonfibre boards?

OK so maybe I just answered my first question

Now, I find myself on the fence yet again. Should I go with early style headlamps and run a set of H4 911 lenses? I like the look of the later style lights on a GL but those fluted Porsche headlights make me feel all tingly when I think of them mounted on my car with body coloured trim. MMMMMMMM

OK now that I've calmed down I would like to ask if anyone has had any experiance with widened fenders and stock bumpers? Looks to me like it's going to be a REAL close fit. I'm going to need to relocate the turn signals anyway so I'm not opposed to getting new bumpers. Any ideas?

Cheers and Thanks guys!


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