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Old February 20th 2011, 01:45
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Is there such a model 1202? I remembered reading about it somewhere!
Think its a 1302 body but with 1200cc!
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Old February 26th 2011, 01:04
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Nope. In the US, 1302's and 1303's all came with a 1600 engine. They were called a 1302 or a 1303.

In Europe, there were 1302's and 1303's, sometimes with a suffix attached. An A (as in 1302-A) meant a 1200 engine (as in a flat-screened Super Beetle with a 1200 engine). No suffix meant a 1300 engine. An S meant a 1600 engine. An L meant an upgraded interior. An LS was possible, too. In fact, I think all convertibles were LS's.

It gets confusing with the interchange of numbers by Volkswagen. Some are model numbers. My 1971 Super Beetle (USA term) was a 1302 model. I guess it was a 1302-S (not sure about the L part). It was a Type 1. More specifically, it was a Type 113. It had a factory 1600 engine.

Apparently, VW had different offerings in different years in the Super Beetle's short run, and sometimes they didn't bother officially with using the suffixes.

VW continues the confusion to this day with Golf and Rabbit, and a GTI and a Cabrio not being Golf's even though they are Golf's and the Pickup (or Caddy) also not being a Rabbit or Golf even though they are, etc., etc. But VW never had a 1202 model.

The later standard Beetle was a 1300. VW couldn't use 1301 because Simca already had the rights to that designation. So, 1302 and 1303 it was.
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