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Old June 29th 2008, 10:23
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T34 Karmen Ghia?

How rare is a T34 Ghia and are restoration parts more expensive?
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Old June 30th 2008, 12:12
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The Type 34 started later (not sure of exact model year) and ended earlier (1969) than the Type 1 Karmann Ghias. They were never officially imported into the US much like the Notchback version of the Type 3. That is why most "Razors" that are here are 1963-65, and most is a very relative term.

They share some parts with their Type 3 brethren. Other parts are Type 34 specific. There is little aftermarket for these cars (like the 411 and 412) so complete Type 34s are usually the results of very careful ownership or the cannibalization of other Type 34s.

A seller backing out on a deal with me on a Razor was the low-point of my air-cooled life until my 1302 went up in flames. Great cars ... would make a great GL, too.
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Old August 11th 2008, 19:35
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i have a friend just a few miles from me who has a type 34 ghia it is complete and it has some rust but he is asking a good price for it let me get the current price next time i see him and i will let you know
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