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Old November 1st 2003, 19:44
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Thumbs up Why be a member of a VW club? (survey)

VW Club Members Survey

Hey everyone. I’m the proud owner of a 1973 Super Beetle (mostly stock/few modifications). Anyway, as part of a college research assignment I’ve decided to tackle a topic of personal interest. I’m trying to determine why people join VW clubs and I came across your club while surfing the net. I want to know a bit about your membership and what it is about late model VWs that inspired you to take part in the VW community/culture.

That said, I’d really appreciate it you would answer the following few questions and email your responses to

I assure you that all your answers will be used only for the purposes of my college research assignment.

Thanks everyone!

1. Male/Female?
2. Age?
3. Occupation?
4. Name of the VW club you belong to?
5. Location of your VW club (if it exists outside of cyberspace – ie.
Has an ‘offline’ location/meeting place)?
6. Model/year of VWs you currently own?
7. Model/year of Vws you’ve owned in the past?
8. What was your very first car ever? If it was a VW, skip
question 8 and go to #9.
9. How/why did you become involved with VWs? Were they a
part of your childhood or teenage years?
10. What is it about the old VWs that you love so much? In other
words, why join a VW club? Define for you what it means to
be a member of such a group.
11. What is your favorite VW memory/story?
12. Do you share such memories/experiences/stories from your
VW past with other members/owners? How important are
these shared stories to you? Do you think the sharing of
theses stories is important to other members? Why?
13. What is the defining characteristic of your members? Is there
camaraderie/a sense of bonding between you and your fellow
members? Explain.
14. Is your club more about preserving a sense of the past (given
that Beetles/Ghias, etc. haven’t been exported to North
America in 30 odd years) or is it more about creating new
experiences with other members (ie. Helping each other with
builds, entering contests together)? Explain how your club
supports one of these ideas.
15. For you personally, what’s more desirable: Keeping the car in
stock condition, or modifying it? Why?
16. What special activities and/or rituals does your club have and
participate in?
17. Is your club involved with other community organizations (ex.
Charities) and if so, who are you involved with and what do
you do?

That’s it! Thank you very much to those who participated. It truly is appreciated and all answers can be emailed to Thanks again!
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