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Old May 4th 2004, 00:43
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Who works/has worked for a VW dealer?

I am thinking of getting a job at the local dealership for the next school year and wondered who has worked for one before. I realize that all of the may be run a little different, but I'm looking for more info on what kinds of jobs I can expect to be available at one. I'd like to be in the parts department, but beyond the guy at the counter, I have no idea who else is back there between the shelves. Does anyone have suggestions as to which jobs would be good to have? I'm not looking to stock shelves, but if there was a special position for ordering, I'd look into that. Another possibility that I've heard of is deliveries. Anyone done that before?

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Old May 12th 2004, 22:36
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My father does, well its the VW and Porsche, Audi and BMW dealership.
Hes works at the front desk and deals with everyone and there problems with there cars. From what i can see (well im at the dealership at least twice a week or more and hang around and somtimes go in the parts room, and im always in the garage area) about being a parts guy, well it seams fairly easy. you order parts, sell parts, look up parts...ect not only to walkin customers but also geting parts for the cars that need repair in the shop. geting the parts on time is important aswell as the right part, i know a lot of the time my dad struggles with the other guys about that, and having to re-order a new part.
Working at a dealrship might be for some, but for me its to corprate.

But, there is only one way to find out for yourself

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Old May 13th 2004, 16:20
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I've worked in the parts dept in in the UK, not for VW but a Jap company.
I think it depends on how you see cars, as your on these boards I take it your a petrol head so it could be the job for you.
As for what area to work in within the dept you've (probably) got a front desk to deal with the 'public' they may have a separate desk for 'trade' customers, internally there will be a desk/area to serve the mechanics with the parts they need to service/repair customers cars, if the dealer has it's own body repair shop/centre there may well be a separate desk/area to supply body panels and any other items needed to repair the cars.
There may well be a number of people answering the telephones, again some for 'public' and some (usually a greater number) for 'trade customers, working along side the guys answering the trade lines there will be order pickers which collect together all the items required by the 'trade' customer either for pick up or delivery.
Then finally you have the delivery drivers, these are usually VERY PRETTY young ladies, why you ask.... there’s nothing better than a pretty girl delivering parts to guarantee you come back to this dealer.

Sorry for the long read but I hope this information helps you decide if this is what you want to do.

Good luck
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