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Old September 30th 2009, 13:24
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classic german look suspension!

hey guys, new to this site aboslutely love german look beetles. i currently have a 1960 beetle. i love the handling capabilites of the super beetle, but i want to know if i can upgrade the suspension in my classic beetle to handle like a go kart lol. i want to make it handle the best it can. thanks for all the input guys and love the site.
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Old September 30th 2009, 22:03
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It will take a lot of work to make a swing axle car handle like a super.

Read this:

and report back with questions

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Old October 1st 2009, 02:04
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There's a guy in the Netherlands with a '57 oval and he's doing an IRS/Mac Pherson conversion.

Here's the link;

Everything is in Dutch, but pictures (and Google translate) will do the trick
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Old December 3rd 2009, 16:07
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I am that dutch guy.

The build of my '56 oval with Porsche 914 (side shift, dog-leg) gearbox, 944 rear suspension (19cm narrowed), Porsche 911/914 front suspension (also narrowed) and 944 brakes all-round is also in englisch at;

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Old December 4th 2009, 17:51
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Have a look at this thread...
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Old December 7th 2009, 08:39
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Originally Posted by DORIGTT View Post
There are some howlers in that analysis. i especially like the one about softening the suspension by cutting a coil out of the coil over damper. You should know that in shortening the spring makes the spring stiffer not softer!
The author is convinced that the ball joint/torsion bar front is a good option and cites the Auto Union GP car of the '30s, a 70 year old layout as being a good design. Current practice is to ensure that the tyres are squarely in contact with the road all the time - that cannot happen with a BJ front end. In roll the wheels tends towards excessive positive camber that creates excess heat in the outer edge of the tire and loss of grip. If you are going to maintain a BJ front end then significant roll stiffness is a must.
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