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Old October 22nd 2009, 04:16
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User-X '67 notchback

Originally Posted by JK Fab View Post
OH WOW that looks GOOD !!!!!!
Originally Posted by vwdreaming View Post
that notch looks mean as hell
After this replies in another topic, i decided to start a new topic about a notch we build a couple of years ago.

So here it goes !!

The owner (a good friend of mine) bought the car in '99 as a completly stock (orginal) '67 1500 N
notchback and the only option where the American front and rear (towel rails) bumpers.
We discovered that the engine was a later 1600dp with duab 32 pict carb's. The first thing we
did was lower it by adjusting the torsions and ad a set of 964 C2 wheel, mounted on redrilled
rotors at the front and redilled hubs at the back.

This is how the car was in 2000 - 2003

In '04 we made our own hubs to mount the Porsche 993 disc's and made our own brackects for the
996 Turbo rear calipers.

At the rear a Kerscher disc setup was mounted with the standard axles and gearbox.

The car stayed that way for a couple of years until it was time for a 'new' engine.
He bought a 2L type4 (CU) engine from a T3 bus and started the build. A couple of dual 40 IDF's was sourced and the (very)
short intake manifolds where home made, because he wanted his decklid to close and use the luguage compartment.

Here's a shot of the trial fitting of the engine in the car.

Next thing to do was to make/modify a custom header because he didn't want to use a 911 style cooling, but the standard type4 cooling.
He bought a Ahnendorp stainless steel header (for use with 911 style cooling), cut it in pieces and made it longer ..

After cutting and welding the header ...

Trial fitting the engine with header in the car.

and it just cleared the rear valence of the notch.

After final welding the header was taped with cool it thermo tape.

Nice clean engine bay

After that the carb's and 009 ignition were properly adjusted and checked.

Then (after 100km's) the gearbox and clutch broke down and we decided to upgrade the notch with a later IRS suspension.

We also placed a cup stebe.

And the Porsche Cayenne wheels came under it.
7,5x17 with 215/35 for the rear, and narrowed -to 6,25J- 17" fronts with 165/40x17 Nankangs.

The complete finished car is now on the road for nearly 2 years and drives like a dream and handles excellent.

No useless sh*t on my roofrack !!
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Old October 22nd 2009, 05:54
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The results look perfect to me
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Old October 22nd 2009, 06:13
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Beautiful!!! I'm just trying to picture a Fastback with the same wheels and Type 4 engine!
Blitzem with Type 4 power
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Old October 22nd 2009, 09:30
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Love that Notch.
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Old October 22nd 2009, 12:23
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Really sweet! The Cayenne wheels look really good. How much work went into narrowing them?

If I could just get paid for my sleepless nights....
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Old October 23rd 2009, 02:15
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Come on!

You need to put a roof-rack on it,
With a dented old Coca-Cola cooler, a few pieces of worn out luggage, and a picnic basket.
Then, we'll get some rotten old wooden skis for the decklid...

The car looks just naked without them! LOL!
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