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Old November 25th 2006, 18:57
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Simple Ques RE: bumper size and fender widening


For fenders front and rear, if I were to buy 1 1/2" to 2" wider fenders, would wider bumpers also be required? I would like front bumpers to have turn signals.

Also, If widened fenders are necessary, are fiberglass fenders the only alternative, or are there steel widened versions as well?

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Old November 26th 2006, 00:43
Bullyboy Bullyboy is offline
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You can use the front bumper on the rear for the 1.1/4" wider.

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Old November 26th 2006, 11:51
super vw super vw is offline
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on my 1303 i have Creative car crafts 2" wider front and 3" wider rear fenders.
What i did with my bumpers (post 68 and later bumpers, front having the turn singnals in them) is left the font alone and just mounted it as it still looks fine being a slight bit short in the front... but for the rear it was a whole other story as being "6 inches more in total width made the bumber looks very stupid.
So for the rear bumpers i purchsed TWO rears from the same place (Cheap, light steel ones) and cut the two bumpers in half (really more than half... i will get to that later) and then welded the two sided back together.
Now when it comes to making the bumper 6"+ from stock you have to add more than 6" in the center of the bumper becuase the bumpers are curved.... so as you make them add more material to the center, the ends dont move out in the same increments, so must in reality add more like 10-12" more in the middle to gain the 6" on the outside. Trust me, thats how it is.

I still have to sand blast and paint the bumpers i made, but if you cut, fit and weld the two parts super tight you shouldent need much body work to make them look seamless inside and out.
the resson i went through all this trouble is becuase i personaly like steel bumpers over fiberglass. plus i have not founf a good source in the states with a bumper to work with a 3" fender combo.... plus i just like making it myself. i thought about making a mold out of fiberglass for the rear bumper in the future... even though the steel one is very light anyways.

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Old November 26th 2006, 19:02
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I think the guards/mudguards/fenders/wings were about 2 inches wider on my 1302, I ran 7x16 & 8x16s and later on I ran 8x17 & 9x17 with no clearance issues, my car still looked OK with stock bumpers.


STI powered 1303 in the works.
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