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Old November 9th 2004, 21:08
vennard vennard is offline
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Question race prep????

cash has gone a bit thin for the engine build right now so Im turning my attenetion to the car. Assuming the body is solid what mods could I be doing to the chassis to prep it for some strip racing? the front is lowered already with an adjustable beam. Eventually the engine will be a 1914 turbo, with all the extras (turbo, oil cooler, oil filter, etc) mounted above the gearbox, accesable from panel inside the car.

Cheers Karl
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Old March 16th 2005, 04:09
jimby jimby is offline
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set your steering geometry and rear geometry. block up any holes in the dash and rear bulkhead. get your tyres balanced. get your brakes adjusted so the brake in a straight line. remove any loose thing from inside the car. make sure you seat is secured and the back rest cant move forward.tighten you gear shifter plate. clean your windscreen inside and out. scrape any crud from under the pan and arches. secure your battery. check for tranny leaks and fix them. pad your cage. make sure you can reach your fire extinguisher and your electric cutoff switch from the seating position. get used to sitting in your car with your helmet on.

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Old March 17th 2005, 00:17
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I guess that sums it up.
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Old March 17th 2005, 19:09
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