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Old December 20th 2006, 23:09
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Anybody int he Merchant Marines? (USA)

Well I have a friend who is in the merchant marines, and he is doing quite well.
I have never been the type for a office job or a purley labor job. I find myself quite bored and makign crappy pay. I want to grow up a bit and move towards adult responisbilities!

So I was wondering if anybody here is int he MM or knows anybody that is? What do you think?
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Old December 21st 2006, 00:19
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I can actually chime in on this one.. I am a graduate of SUNY Maritime, and have a 3rd Asst Engineers lisc, thus a merchant marine.

What would you like to know. I have not sailed on my lisc, but can talk to the training and some limited sea time. As fyi, my wife is a Deck Lisc, works in the industry, and my Brother-in-law is a Captain, and sails.. so from our three experiences, I can probably offer up a whole bunch.

Work is not easy, as you are away for few months and off for a few.. Lot of overtime, and depending on the ship, the work can be difficult. As an officer in the MM, its different from the Navy, as the officers, are the certified workers. You will learn a lot, that is guaranteed. You will have tons of responsiblity. But you must have a love for the sea, nothing beats being in the middle of now where and all you sea is blue, 360 degrees.

Feel free to fire away with questions, as I will be more than happy to answer. This is something that I would never have thought I would have a chance to respond to, specially on this forum..


PS also a Former Marine. So MM and M for me.
Alex Olaverri
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Old December 21st 2006, 01:06
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Location: Roseville, Ca (YAY!!)
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My friend just is a deck hand and only has his MD, but still makes pretty damn good money.

Being away for long times is no problem for me. I don't know how I will do at open waters all the time.....I do have good sea legs though.

If I knew exactly what i was getting into I would know if i wanted to go to become an officer or a non officer.

Hard work is ok for me... Thats what i do right now.

I was suposed to have a meetign with my friend tonight, but he was sick. I was planning on having more info and possible questions.
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