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Old January 15th 2010, 20:35
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Red face mirrors

looking at different door mirrors to put on
any suggestions + pics please
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Old January 16th 2010, 00:09
STIDUB STIDUB is offline
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vitaloni's like everyone does, or what im trying to aqquire, jefferys....

sadly doesnt make them in carbon anymore :'(
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Old January 16th 2010, 12:15
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actually not everyone uses vitaloni's. Alot of GL cars use Opel Manta original side mirrors. They look alot like the vitaloni's (or should I say Vataloni's look alot like the Opel Manta ones :P ), but the adjustment is done from the pivot point, whereas the vitaloni's are adjusted just like modern side mirrors. The mirror glass can be moved up/down left/right inside it's casing.
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Old January 16th 2010, 16:03
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Hey I have a Set of the APR Carbon fiber F1... I love them and Very Adjustable

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Old January 17th 2010, 03:25
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I searched a lot but ended up getting the same ones as Chris. Great price, well built, very adjustable, looks great.

If I could just get paid for my sleepless nights....
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Old January 23rd 2010, 15:27
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Chris, where did you order them from ?
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