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Old June 24th 2013, 08:19
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what to grab from a 944?

I've been out of the loop for waaaay too long now and I've forgotten most of what I knew about what stuff to grab from a 944 to fit to a semi-auto beetle chassis. It's a beam front, IRS rear chassis.

I've been offered the pickings of a dead 944, it's an automatic transmission, steel trailing arms, sliding calipers etc, nothing special.

From memory, the bits worth getting are:

the trailing arms plus brakes,
wheel nuts
torsion bars
spring plates
rear anti-roll bar plus links
torsion tube end covers (to be cut down to suit the beetle chassis)

is there anything worth getting from the front suspension/brakes? I already have a set of 944 N/A front brakes but maybe a second set would be useful?
front anti-roll bar?

anything else?

any pointers/reminders appreciated
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Old June 25th 2013, 19:49
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The wheel spacers are always worth money on the ebays, front struts, I always grab relays etc.
'66 Bus(11-window, CLK rims, disk brakes, IRS, bags, hydr. clutch, Super-1600 w/injection)
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Old June 26th 2013, 12:24
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Steering wheel, seats, dashboard switches (if it's the first model), speedometer, rev counter, oil pressure, voltage guage, clock, the windscreenswipers/indicators mechanism behind the steering wheel.
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