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Old December 6th 2006, 17:59
zeroaxe zeroaxe is offline
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I'm glad I dont drink....

Video clip
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Old December 6th 2006, 22:08
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omg! I think I'm gonna be sick! uke:
Life might not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here we might as well dance.
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Old December 6th 2006, 23:18
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I understand that people have a choice, but there should be a point when others should intervene and stop the soon to be Darwin candidates from harming themselves and others.

The next part would probably be that idiot getting into his car and trying to drive off. Maybe hitting someone on their way home from a sporting event...say my mother and sister coming home from that basketball game when they were hit by a drunk driver. Non fatal injuries, but injuries non-the-less.

Better yet. Let me catch the....that's not right of me to think negative thoughts about this...there's probably a pretty good reason he's drinking that much. Hates his liver maybe?
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Old December 8th 2006, 12:10
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I bet his mama is proud...
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