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Old February 20th 2004, 12:23
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Just picked up the Joe Cali Type IV conversion manual

Had it for a couple of weeks.

My comments so far is that is really well writen manual with great schematics. ON the site is made it sound really easy, but from reading, it seems that having access to a machine shop is critical. If you do (Unlike), and have a type I laying around ( like I do) then you can save some money..

The machine shop is not required for everything but some power tools will be need.. Hard to break out where you need everything..

Again a cost saving approach that is well written. Not sure what the biggest size you can go with this conversion, but for upto 2056 or so, seems quite sufficient..

Now I need to find my 914 type IV

Any questions on the manual feel free to ask me.. BTW Joe cali was very prompt with his manual, so no problems ordering..

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Old March 4th 2004, 17:14
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how much

and whats the address am interested..

chris england
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Old March 4th 2004, 17:21
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Joe Cali Book
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Old March 22nd 2004, 20:20
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Cali Book

I received my copy too. Took 3 days to Australia. It's exactly what Alex said. It looks easy and is clearly explained but most people will have to send some stuff off to be machined. It will save you a fortune though, even if you're not doing everything yourself.

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