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Old May 17th 2007, 16:28
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type 4 engine fit in 1303 w/ engine lid closed?

im still new to the vw scene and i was wondering if a type 4 engine would fit in a 1303 with the engine lid completely closed?

im looking to get a 79 vert super beetle and i talked to a friend and he recommended me to get an engine built to 1935cc, forged pistons, studs, dual carbs, balanced, no higher than 8:1 compression ratio, 3rd cylinder welded shut along with a 5 gear tranny swap. what kind of bhp will a 1935cc bring? how much can i expect to pay for this type of NA setup including labor? also he recommended to get my engine done by gene berg in so cal?

i have a 01 honda prelude as my daily driver so the super beetle will be a fun weekend project. planning to do a german look, and street only.

majority of the internal engine stuff is brand new to me so i really dont know much of what he's talking about. im still searching within the engine forum on the common terminology and all the confusing numbers with pistons, bore, strokes etc.

it would be much appreciated if anyone can tell me what my friend meant with building 1935cc

also when someone says dual carbs, is this the same thing as a throttle body or intake manifold?

is EFI a brand name?

ill still be searching for beginner threads for internal engine stuff.


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Old May 17th 2007, 23:11
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Yep, no problem, no cutting. If you use a tall 911 fan shroud you might have an issue but it will not be due to the type 4 engine.
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Old April 16th 2008, 13:48
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i'm pretty new too... is the 2000cc type 4 a pretty easy fit? or do you have to re-fab the body at all?
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Old April 16th 2008, 21:33
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No body mods needed... if you convert to upright config...
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Old April 17th 2008, 16:58
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Contact Joe Cali :

This is a do it yourself way to convert the Type 4 to upright.

Or; contact Jake Raby for his DTM bolt on conversion :

Take care,

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Old April 21st 2008, 01:26
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is upright fan the only way to go? I mean, is the porsche fan not a do-it-yourself conversion? I've heard it called a "dog-house" cooling system, i'm assuming that's the same as upright.

I'm looking at buying a 2.0 type 4 engine but this guy won't even sell it to me because i told him its for a super beetle, not a vanagon. He says it's probably not worth it cuz i'd have to get a "retro-fit kit" and other stuff. I discovered that its a fuel injected engine (EFI is not a brand name, it stands for electronic fuel injection), so a retro fit kit must be what it takes to convert back to carbs. He says its not worth it... is that true? If i want to convert an 83 vanagon (fuel injected 2.0) engine to a dual carb set-up, is that messy stuff?

I've searched all over and i haven't been able to find the definition of a "suitcase" style engine. That's what he called it.

But yeah, i'm making him offers, and one of these days i'm going to pick it up, so any info on the complete transformation from 1600cc to 2000cc would be great. I know there are a lot of users on this site that have done that. Anything to watch out for?

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Old April 21st 2008, 06:24
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Well, I'm not an expert on type 4 engines and the names for the cooling kind of confuses me (I'm dutch) but I think this link should help you a bit.

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