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Old May 13th 2020, 11:11
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Suspension considerations

Hi all,

My last topic was about Imohr suspension parts. For the future I am looking for some rear suspension modifications/updates.

And as far I have searched, found, drooled and lost my way in what is possible, I want some opinions/tipps and tricks from you.

I have a 1303 from february 1973. The engine and gearbox are standard, but will be changed to an AT (1303S) gearbox with an type 1 engine with around 1800cc, w110 cam, 2 twin 36 IDF webers and so on. So not very heavy or mega strong.

The front suspension are Kerscher coilovers and the rest of the suspension bushings come from Topline, incl casterfix, camber+ bolts and all steering rods new.

The back is old, the bushings are shot and the springplate covers are rusted out.

So time for something new.

What options do I have seen.

1. Rebuild the standard

2. Rebuild the standard but with uprated springplate covers

3. Rebuild with the springplates from option 2, but with height adjustable springplates

4. Rebuild with the springplates from option 2, but the springplates with no preload on the torsion bars (or without torsion bars). And coilovers (Kerscher, Imohr, others?) in stead of the normal shock absorbers.

5. Go wild and do an Uniball conversion (Imohr, MBT, Kerscher, other)

6. Other options?

The bug will be a nice weather car for the months without a 'R' in the name and just for touring, not racing.

Option 3, 4, and 5 came in mind, because of the possibillity for height adjustment without messing around with the torsion bars and the splines etc.

What will be the best option? Then I know what I have to discuss with my wife
VW Super Beetle 1303 1973 Kolibri Grün Metallic
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Old May 13th 2020, 18:55
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I did the whole coilover conversion with the rally bug, and honestly...I wouldn't do it again. Since you can't get progressive springs in the short length we need, there isn't much advantage.. The ability to swap out spring rates, and adjust the height simply aren't worth the loss of the simplicity of the torsion bars. Truthfully once the height is "set", most people never change it. I have _good_ reason for changing it, and still if I'm going to go do a gravel event I leave it at the set height unless I know the roads will be really rough. My new build (the GL '69) uses stock torsion bars, urethane bushings, stock spring plates and covers and *might* get upgraded shocks. If I do anything, I'll upgrade to the QA1 DD402 shocks. I use the DS402 shock in the rally bug, and would do the dual adjustable shock on this next build simply for the adjustability. I never upgraded to the dual adjustable on the Rally bug because the single adjustable shocks work, and work well.
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Old May 18th 2020, 05:21
wouter1303 wouter1303 is offline
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Clear answer. I want to play with the height a bit to see what i think looks best for me and what is drivable with all those annoying speed bumps here in the neighbourhood. So some adjustability would be nice.

And off course, some parts are just nice to have
VW Super Beetle 1303 1973 Kolibri Grün Metallic
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Old May 19th 2020, 14:35
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Cheap and pretty good would be new or good second hand covers with normal black PU bushings also from Topline as you (and I) have good experience with those and use 23,5 or 25mm torsion bars with some Bilstein gas shocks ;-)
'75 Super.
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